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Types of pet bird finches available that one can keep as pet

Types of pet Finches bird

Is life too boring for you? You may be searching for interesting things to do to spice up your life. Well, keeping finches as pet birds is something you can do to make your life more interesting. Pet bird finches can entertain you and be with you when you feel lonely or bored. You will also feel happier keeping them as pets because the process of feeding them and taking care of them requires a lot of effort and patience. That also makes the whole thing more interesting, don’t you think? If you are interested to keep finches as pet birds, you may consider these few types that are well known!

Having Zebra Finches as pet bird finches

Zebra finches are rated as one of the most commonly reared pet bird finches because they are easy to be taken care of and can adapt to different environments swiftly. They are also very affordable, which will not cost you a fortune in order to keep them and always available in the market since they are so popular. If you are interested to keep them, you may consider keeping them in pairs because they need companions too.

Another amazing fact about zebra finches is they love to interact with their owners and love to sing songs especially during mating and feeding time. Keeping them as pets will definitely make your life more interesting. Imagine one day when you come home from work and they immediately greet you with a sweet song, you will be happy, right?

Having Society Finches as bird finches

This type of finches is wonderful and interesting. Just like what they are named after, they socialize with birds a lot and they usually stick closely to each other in flocks. That is why they are called ‘society finches’ in United States. These finches are good looking because they come in variation of colors and they usually look neat. Breeding is not a problem for them, especially breeding between two male finches because everything is much easier!

They are also quite affordable and not too expensive. On top of that, some of them are good singers which make them better entertainers and companions if you feel lonely or bored. Another reason why you should keep them is because they are very easy to take care and they can adapt to environment easily. However, they are sensitive to weird sounds in the surroundings and they love sunlight because it is important for their health.

Having Gouldian Finches as bird finches

Keeping them as pet bird finches is also a brilliant idea because they look peaceful and gentle. However, if you intend to keep them as pets, you may consider keeping them in pairs because they feel happier of having companions. Well, they are mostly beautiful and attractive because they can interact with us very well. They are easy to take care and only consume simple food like greens and water. Thus, you do not have to prepare any special food for them. You can just keep them in clean and nice cages because the living environment is usually more important to them than the other aspects.

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The Magical Wonders of Zebra Finches

 Zebra Finches Wonders

Generally, zebra finches are birds with the scientific name; ‘Taeniopygia Guttata’ and they can be found in Indonesia. They look very interesting but people only look at their appearances without really understanding them. There are actually a few amazing facts about zebra finches that allow you to get to know them better.

The Habitat of zebra finches

Well, zebra finches live in forests and huge grasslands near rivers. They can be found in forests with trees or huge bushes because they love nature just like us! However, nowadays they are reared by humans as pets or even used for experiments and genetic researches in the laboratory.  Although their original habitat are forests or grasslands, we still can keep zebra finches as pets providing we know what to do to provide them the best place to live in.

If you wish to keep them, there are a few tips that you can refer to when it comes to their houses. They can be reared in cages and even aviaries that you can either put them in indoor or outdoor. These wonderful birds are able to suit themselves in many different environments but you should remember that you cannot place them under the rain. If the environment changes too quickly, they may not be able to keep up with the pace. Therefore, when it comes to providing them the best habitat, you should keep them in cages or aviaries with drinkers and food pots. That should be enough. If possible, keep them indoors.

Things that one can feed to zebra finches

Basically, it is very easy to feed them as they are quite tolerant. However, you should not also simply feed them because if you intend to keep zebra finches as pets, love them with all you can! Well, zebra finches can be fed with seeds for tiny birds. You should provide them a mixture of different types of seeds so that they can enjoy varieties. Bear in mind that they can really eat a lot!

On top of that, they love greens as in leaves. Organic greens are much preferable because they are healthier! Do not simply pick leaves or grass anywhere for them because that will make them sick. Thus, if they have grown too fat just because of eating too much, make them move around more and do not cut down on food amount. Besides, zebra finches also need sufficient amount of water. Remember to change water in the drinker so that they can drink fresh and clean water.

General Characteristics of Zebra Finches

In a nutshell, it is easy to keep zebra finches as pets. If you have the passion, you can become a great master. Be patient and take good care of them. If you love them, they will love you back. Zebra finches are colorful and entertaining. Having them at home will definitely spice your each and every single day. They are also amazing singers! They can let out sounds like beeps or something that sounds like a trumpet. Their songs will change according to their maturity, and male zebra finches usually use songs as a sign for mating. They use songs to attract female zebra finches. However, we can enjoy their songs and bring more fun into our lives!

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Things to know when one keeping society finches as pets

Society finches as pets

In general, society finch is a type of bird that can get along well with humans and also adapt to new environments easily.  It has a scientific name called the ‘Lonchura Striata Domestica’. Society finch is known as ‘society finch’ only in the United States and the reason why it is called that way is because they always stick close with each other in a flock. They can be humans’ best friends and great entertainers; therefore, many people tend to keep society finches as pets nowadays. Keeping them as pets is not very hard but also not easy because it requires certain knowledge and techniques in order to do so. What should you know about keeping a society finch as pet?

Feeding Pattern one need to remember when keeping society finches as pets

People usually think that keeping society finches as pets is a hard thing because they do not know what to feed them. Basically, feeding them is not that hard because food they eat can be easily found. However, they need varieties in their diet. They love food with several ingredients just like any other animals. You can feed them with food that contains minerals and vitamins like greens.

You can choose either spinach or parsley because society finches enjoy them a lot! In order to spice up the menu a little, you can add a small amount of fruits like apples or bananas; but bear in mind that not all society finches love the same type of food. If you are a first timer, then you can maybe try feeding your finch with different types of food and you will soon find out which type your finch prefers. Another important thing is to provide them sufficient amount of water to drink. You should change the drinker more frequently because finches will be happier to drink clean and fresh water.

Housing style one need to remember when keeping society finches as pets

Well, if you are wondering the best place for your society finch to stay in, the answer would be cages. Try to choose a larger cage so that your finch will have more freedom to move around. Imagine yourself being trapped in a small cage that you can hardly move. They feel the same too! Therefore, buy your society finch a bigger cage so that they will be happier. You can choose wide cages instead of tall ones.

Besides, install a swing inside the cage to entertain your finch. Society finches enjoy playing on swings instead of other toys. Where to keep the cage? Basically, you can consider putting your cage outdoors because finches love sunlight and light is important to them. Never put the cage in noisy areas or polluted areas because that makes your finch feels uncomfortable. During the night, cover the cage with blanket or a piece of cloth because weird sounds will freak them out! The most important thing is to always clean the cage. Just like us, finches want to live in a clean environment too!

Key point one need to remember when keeping society finches as pet

In short, keeping society finches as pets is not impossible but you need to be responsible when it comes to taking good care of them. They are wonderful little birds that can entertain you and therefore, you have to learn to love them as how they love you as their master.

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Brief Introduction on The Finches Bird Nest

The Finches Bird Nest

Several aspects must be viewed on a discussion about finches’ bird nest. First of all is the nest location. The finches bird nest is recommended to be built under a roof or portion of the aviary that is being sheltered. However, in the wild, normally the birds nest will be in the open air where the nests are always exposed to variety of temperatures, climate like rain and wind and so on.

Because of that, normally small young nestlings will not survive due to heavy rain and cold wind. Even tough the loss of some young birds in the wild nest may not impact the overall bird population, it is still a serious issue that need to be settled. This is where the finches’ bird nest comes in handy. The aviary birds will normally breed more securely in an environment where they are being protected by extreme climate changes.

The location of finches bird nest

Normally the finches bird nest will be built in a small trees or thick shrubs. Normally, the hen and the cock birds will build the finches bird nest. Normally, the cock birds and hen will build the bird nest which is made in a dome shape with some lengths of grasses, feathers, soft material, soft grasses and a side tunnel entrance. For some species, they might also build finches bird nest which can be used outside the breeding season. It is advisable not to wait until the bird has start laying its eggs on the floor. A person must start planning for breeding season in one or two months earlier depending on the purchasing of the necessary materials. Poor finches bird nest will cause the eggs to be lost and parent birds to avoid their young at the partly constructed nest.

Materials that are needed for finches bird nest

When talking about the materials that are needed to construct finches bird nest, it is always advisable to use good materials. For examples, teased natural fiber hessian that comes in short lengths can be considered. Other than that, pampas grass heads which are shorts and coconut fiber can also be counted in. Normally, birds like November grass and swamp grass which can be purchased from bird dealers normally.

One must bear in mind that the grass blades length should have varying lengths in order for the birds to choose which lengths the prefer the most. Therefore, it is better to offer different species of grasses. Normally, a strong finches bird nest can be made from dry green fresh grasses. Whereas some wild finches nest bird uses plants materials from shrubs, flowers, mosses, ferns, trees, household litter and so on. It is very important in not purchasing the materials from wild bird nest as it may has parasites, disease pathogens and mites.

 Maintaining the finches bird nest

When maintaining finches bird nest, it is not recommended to replace back the young that left the nest during premature with the other new young. This is because it will interrupt the new young birds where they might also be facing the situation where they need to leave the finches bird nest in a premature stage. However, for young that left the finches bird nest at the premature stage, it is advisable to the finches bird nest owner to closely monitor whether the bird parents feed their young during the day. The immature young birds which can’t survive in climate like cold night, can be taken from the aviary, and kept in a good comfortable place before being replaced at the next morning. This in one way can help to increase the young chances of survival.

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Choosing the Bird Cage for Finches

Bird Cage for Finches

Keeping finches as pet is quite attractive and fun to many people. This is because Finch birds have chirping sound that is unique and pleasant to one ear. It is easy to care for this type of bird. However, do not forget to pay attention to cleanliness of the bird cage for finches if you want the finches to be happy and healthy.
When keeping finches choose a large bird cage that will fit your pet bird. In this case not only in regards to body size of the birds, but also the characteristics of the birds. Finches maybe small, but it need a huge space to fly around and this will make it happy.
Choose bird cage for finches that come with the right material. For finches, you can put them in cages made of bamboo rods. But if the numbers of the finches are more than two, it would be better if you choose a bird cage made of metal base. Finches are very active and social birds and it would fly around playfully. Therefore it is important to ensure that the bar of the cage have the right size between them. This will avoid the finches head would not get through the bar.
If you decided to use bird cage for finches that are of bamboo or wood, make sure the bamboos or woods have been smoothed with sandpaper, so that the trunks of these bars do not hurt the birds. The same safety should be taken with a bird cage that is made of metal, check if there are no protruding wire ends that can injure the birds. To determine good bamboo cage is by ensuring the bamboo used come from old bamboo, so the quality and strength of the bars is pretty good. Make sure the bird cage you bought with trellis rod is not too tight or too loose. If too loose, the finches may easily escape and it should not ne too tight because it will make the finches unable to see the outside world freely.
Choose bird cage for finches with a color that matches your pet and home decor. You should never choose a cage with a color similar to the small birds because having the same color; your pet bird will be less visible from the outside. It certainly reduces the beauty of your pet bird.
For the base of the bird cage for finches select a size somewhat thicker which could be of wood or thick plastic. The cage should also have several perch rod. Having several perch rod will make your finches happy because they are active in interaction among themselves. If you have the fund, it is better to buy for your finch flight cages which will give them the freedom to move around and flying. This will make them happy and you also would get the chance to see the finches in action better. This type of cages will help to avoid the feeling of boredom among the finches. Remember always give priority to the finches’ safety, happiness and healthy health when choosing the bird cage for finches.

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Buying Quality Finches Birds Nest

Finches Birds Nest

You just love to sit in the backyard and enjoying the colony of finches that has made your backyard as their social rendezvous. However, lately you can see the dwindling in numbers of the finches and this worried you. You hope the number of the finches will increase soon to avoid any likelihood of extinction of the finches from your backyard. A friend suggested that you provide some finches birds nest so that the female finches could lay their eggs near your backyard. It may be a good idea to prevent the birds from migrating to other places to lay their eggs. Coincidently it breeding season now and you must act fast to help the finches setup good bird nest.

There are many commercial nest that can be bought offline and online. Many have prices that below are $10 for several quantities. You can find the human made nest made from bamboo, hand-woven sticks, synthetic material and many more. Many are built to last for a long time so that you can use it for many times. It is easy to clean and birds love it. It provides the best security for the eggs from falling out of the nest.

If you place the nest you bought in your backyard, always ensure that the nest is put somewhere safe. Never place the nest near places that can be used by the finch enemy to hide and jump on the small birds. You must place the nest n places that will not be a danger for the finches from being attacked. The finches birds nest can help to increase the survival rate of the eggs lay by the finches. Selecting a nice and cozy spot for the nest will also give the finch bird adequate time to breeding rather spending time making new nest. Most of this nest has hook and this will enable you to hang the nest which will be great to give the birds a better security from it natural enemies.

The benefit for having finches birds nest in your backyard is endless. You will be providing a more natural and comfy environment for the finches to enjoy their life in your backyard. Having some bird nest placed at safe and strategic location will also help to avoid the finches from moving out of your backyard. The finches will also have a romantic and secure place to perform their breeding activities. The bird nest that you bought from retailer will also lead to an increase of the finches babies surviving rate. There will be less un-hatch eggs when the female finch laid it egg in the bird nest that you provided for them.
Another great thing about this type of bird nests are the clean environment that it offer to the small birds. After the nest being used, you can clean it and continue to be used again for the coming next breeding season. It prices are also affordable and easy to obtain from the pet shops or online stores. You can surf the internet to buy online for good quality finches birds nest.

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How to keep finches in your home

Features of house finches

keeping house finches is like keeping any other bird, what you have to know is to get all the necessary requirements and guidelines to keep them. The house finches thrive well in America climate and it is believed that the birds will grow in numbers in this area. The house finches have different features from other finches. The house finches have a narrow shape but they can be measured up to six inches. You can find the finches with different color such as buff, brown, gray and white. Before you begin keeping house finches, you should also learn on how to differentiate male and female. The male finches do have marking of orange in place of a red car. The females have the same colors and the one of the males but their façade is unmarked or just plain.

Diet of the house finches

Keeping house finches will not require you to have expensive diet since they eat plants, insects, fruits and sap. The house finches are friendly and they can sing any time of the day. When the birds perch or fly, you can hear them making a raspy and a sharp sound that resonate all over the place.
When you begin keeping house finches you should never try to separate them during the breeding season since they like to stay together. This is because they are normally loyal to each other. The female is the one to sit to the eggs while both parents will help each other to nurture the children when they have been born. The finches can have three different breeding seasons in one year.

Where to keep the house finches

In the winter season, you can find the finches together with other birds such sparrows, goldfinches and pine siskin. You can think about keeping house finches in your backyard since they will be able to be energetic and noisy as they want without any problem of noise to you. If you are keeping house finches and you still have the hanging basket, the house finches can use them for their nests. This can cause mess because of the droppings while the plant can also get damaged in the process. Therefore here are some tips which will help you to protect your plants during the house finches breeding season.
Since the house finches like to hang nests in the area where there is shelter, you can move the hanging basket from such areas. Do not put the hanging baskets near the place where you are keeping house finches or under the eaves or porch. Use reflective paper or fake snakes in the basket. The snakes and the light will help you to keep away the house finches. You have to provide a home to the finches when you begin keeping house finches and you can also use bird’s spikes in the hanging baskets to keep the finches away. You can also use the compact disk to scare away house finches from the hanging basket or any other places you do not want the finches to go.

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Varity types of finches

Different types of finches that you can choose from

There is much Type of pet finches but the one which is the most popular is the zebra finch and society or Bengalese finch. This is because these types are easy to care for even to a new owner. There are some Type of pet finches such lady Gouldian which are beautiful but it is hard to care for and it is normally bred by experienced finches’ owners.

 Think first about the cage before you bring in the pet finches

The finches are normally small but since they are active, they are also fun to watch. However, regardless of the Type of pet finches you want to keep, you have always to keep in mind that even if the finches are small, you will have to give them enough space to fly in when building their cages and you have to think first in terms of length than height. If you want to keep finches, it is better if you keep them in pairs and since they are normally social among themselves than to people, then you can also think to keep more than 6 finches. However, even if they do not like to have people handling them, they can be tamed and they can make you happy to see.

 Type of pet finches according to their colors

According to the Type of pet finches, you may expect to see the lifespan of the finches around 5-15 years. If you want to increase the life span of your finches, then it is better if you watch closely about its husbandry and diet.

Among the Type of pet finches you can keep, the most popular is the zebra finches. They are also easily found in American Pet trade. They are attractive species while the males are the most attractive of all of them. The females and males have orange beaks but the male one is brighter. However, as the zebra finches are kept as pet, they change the coloration and now they are available in a wide range of colors. You have also to keep in mind about the lightening of the finches cages. You will find that most of people like to use full spectrum lighting since it also contributes to the molting or breeding behavior. However, you can consider different type of lightening according to the Type of pet finches of finches you want to keep.

According also to the Type of pet finches, you can find out that they have different behavior according to their genera and subfamilies. There are some species which feed their children on the insects while others feed their children on the seeds.

 Common types of pet finches

The Type of pet finches is divided into the following subfamilies. The cardueline finches, the typical grosbeaks, The American Rosefinches, the Bullfinches, the Arid zone clade, Asian Rosefinches, Goldfinch canary crossbill clade and carduelinae incertae sedis. There are also Type of pet finches  known as the Hawaiian Honeycreepers and Euphonious Finches.

If you are keeping pet finches, then you have to know that the finches are normally vegetarian. You have to include buds, weed seeds and fruit into their diet. If you want to do finches bird watching, then you have to follow the sunflower seeds.

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Lady Gouldian finches

Lady Gouldian finches are the best finches you can keep

Lady Gouldian finches also known as the Rainbow finch or the Gould’s finch, is a colorful passerine bird found in Australia. Even if the bird is being bred in captivity, there is evidence that they continue to decline. People were encouraged to keep the Lady Gouldian finches in their homes after the declaration that they are endangered species in the wild. The bird has been named after the first person who described it John Gould during the year 1844. It is a member of the Estrilididae weaver finch family or is considered as a member of the subfamily Passeridae.

 The origins of the Lady Gouldian finches

The Lady Gouldian finches are believed to be of Indian origin and that it may have dispersed towards Pacific Ocean and Africa. The female and the birds are both colored in different colors such as marking, yellow, green and black. However, the females are not brightly colored as males. The difference between the sexes is that the chest of male is purple while the one of female is mauve.

The Lady Gouldian finches can be about 140 cm and the head can be black, red or even yellow. These colors were used to differentiate the types of Lady Gouldian finches kinds. However selective breeding can have different colors such as silver, yellow, blue and green on the back.

 Distinctive feature of Lady Gouldian finches

Young Lady Gouldian finches also have their own distinctive colors. The heads, necks and sides can be grey while their backs, tail feathers and wings look like olive green. The underside is pale brown. The beaks look blackish with a red tip. Feet and legs are light brown. The newly hatched Gouldian Finches are pink and naked until they reach 12 days old and the feathers will begin to appear. The beaks of young birds have phosphorescent beads that help their parents to recognize them in dark. The Lady Gouldian finches live in tropical savanna woodlands and they are move only within a small radius. They can change their habit only when the food or water has been reduced. Before the government of Australia put a ban on the Export of all Australian Fauna, Lady Gouldian finches were being exported in the whole world. This is why you will find many breeding population in different countries. This breeding in captivity has helped to breed the birds with many color mutations. The result is blue back, white breasted, yellow back, silver, pastel or even pure white birds.

 Lady Gouldian finches are endangered birds

Since the habitat of Lady Gouldian finches have been altered or decreased, the birds also begun to decline in number. The research has shown that the air borne parasite known as sac mite had been responsible for this decline. The birds are also known to be susceptible to different disease or viral infections. They are easily caught up by predators because of their bright colors. However, the Lady Gouldian finches  which are in the trouble are the one still in the wild. The ones breed for pet trade are popular and they have survived for long. The conservation methods include protecting their natural habitats.



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How to choose the Zebra finches for sale

 Tips on buying the zebra finches online

If you want, you can buy Zebra finches for sale while they are still babies and while they are in pairs and you can choose the color you like. Even if you can buy the finches in the aviary near you, you can also buy them online. You can by according to the color you want in the sorted birds or you can just by the finches without taking too much care about the color. When buying from online store, you have to keep in mind the following. Do not ever part with your money if you are not sure about the authenticity of the goods you are buying. Since the sellers put the location where they are, then you have to begin to look for seller who is near you so that you can meet him personally or you can go to check what he is selling. When looking for the Zebra finches for sale, always keep in mind to buy them in pairs especially a male and female to help you in breeding.

 The reason why you can look for finches for sale

Before you begin to think about keeping the Zebra finches for sale, you have to learn many things to make sure that you have the best zebra finches. Learn all you can get about their cages or aviaries, about diet information and mostly about the breeding. You keep zebra finches for the mere reason to help you in breeding, but you can also keep them for Zebra finches for sale.

If you want to keep them for the reason of selling them, then you have also to learn how to help them in breeding easily. Normally the zebra finches are known to be aggressive builders and they like to use the bamboo for their nesting needs. When it is time for nesting, the males are the one to gather materials and to take them to the building area. If your zebra finches are caged, then you will have to bring artificial nesting materials for them when they need to breed. When the zebra finches begin nesting, their diet also has to change. The laying of eggs and the breeding may take approximately 2 months. If you are the one who breed the zebra finches in the first place, you have also to make sure that the finches that are related do not cross breed since it may weaken the offspring and the entire breed.

Where you can begin looking for Zebra finches for sale

When looking for the best Zebra finches for sale ensure that you buy the best zebra finches on an affordable price. You can buy the finches from private or business sales and it is better if you visit the finches you want to buy before you begin the buying process. If it is your first time to look for the Zebra finches for sale you should take an ex perienced zebra finches keeper to choose the right breed for you. If you want a particular type of Zebra finches for sale  you can also place an advert online and the owners will look for you.

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