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How to keep finches in your home

Features of house finches

keeping house finches is like keeping any other bird, what you have to know is to get all the necessary requirements and guidelines to keep them. The house finches thrive well in America climate and it is believed that the birds will grow in numbers in this area. The house finches have different features from other finches. The house finches have a narrow shape but they can be measured up to six inches. You can find the finches with different color such as buff, brown, gray and white. Before you begin keeping house finches, you should also learn on how to differentiate male and female. The male finches do have marking of orange in place of a red car. The females have the same colors and the one of the males but their façade is unmarked or just plain.

Diet of the house finches

Keeping house finches will not require you to have expensive diet since they eat plants, insects, fruits and sap. The house finches are friendly and they can sing any time of the day. When the birds perch or fly, you can hear them making a raspy and a sharp sound that resonate all over the place.
When you begin keeping house finches you should never try to separate them during the breeding season since they like to stay together. This is because they are normally loyal to each other. The female is the one to sit to the eggs while both parents will help each other to nurture the children when they have been born. The finches can have three different breeding seasons in one year.

Where to keep the house finches

In the winter season, you can find the finches together with other birds such sparrows, goldfinches and pine siskin. You can think about keeping house finches in your backyard since they will be able to be energetic and noisy as they want without any problem of noise to you. If you are keeping house finches and you still have the hanging basket, the house finches can use them for their nests. This can cause mess because of the droppings while the plant can also get damaged in the process. Therefore here are some tips which will help you to protect your plants during the house finches breeding season.
Since the house finches like to hang nests in the area where there is shelter, you can move the hanging basket from such areas. Do not put the hanging baskets near the place where you are keeping house finches or under the eaves or porch. Use reflective paper or fake snakes in the basket. The snakes and the light will help you to keep away the house finches. You have to provide a home to the finches when you begin keeping house finches and you can also use bird’s spikes in the hanging baskets to keep the finches away. You can also use the compact disk to scare away house finches from the hanging basket or any other places you do not want the finches to go.

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