Finches Bird House

The attraction of finches bird house

Finches are always the most preferred choices for bird feeder. Most of the bird feeders will have finches bird house at the porch of their house. Since finches are so vibrant in colors, they also the most commonly found birds especially in the US. That is why finches bird house can commonly found in almost any residence in the US. Bird feeders will attract these cute finches to the finches bird house by providing bird food and a friendly landscape.
Materials and measurement that are needed to build the finches bird house
finch houseThe are several materials which are needed to build finches bird house. Some of the materials are three quarter inch of cypress, think cedar, redwood, birch and fir. It is not recommended to use cured wood, regardless of its type. This is because normally treated wood has chemicals like emit fumes which are dangerous for finches. Before building finches bird house, materials like waterproof adhesive, hammer, screwdriver, jigsaw, spurred finishing nails, a mixture square, pencil, and 1 inch plus of weatherproofs screws. The measurement of finches bird house should be six inches by six inches. This means that the height of the finches bird house should measure about 6 inches starting from the ceiling floor until the uppermost point.

Starting to build the finches bird house

After all the materials and measurement have been prepared and done, it is time to start building the finches bird house. Normally, the finches like house that are not closed. Therefore, the bird feeder should design the finches bird house with three edges open. First, build the parts of the finches bird house by using durable screws and strengthen the seams by using the waterproof adhesive. It is not necessary to paint or strain the cypress or cedar birdhouses. However, it is vital to paint or strain the bird houses that are made from other types of wood. Stain is more preferred than paint because it will not peel. It is recommended to use inconspicuous colors to help concealing the house from any kind of predators. Nesting will be more comfortable if lighter colors are applied in the bird houses since it reflect heat.

Protecting and maintaining the finches bird house

Bird feeders should protect their finches bird house from predators. It is not good to place their finches bird houses near to the bushes. This is because predators like raccoons, opossums, snakes, squirrels and feral cats can easily attack the finches bird house. Finches bird house can be placed on the trees provided an foliage can be used to cover the finches bird house. The foliage is used so that the birds can be hidden from the predators. Besides that, tress provide more shelter during cold and hot climate.

How to draw finches to the finches bird house

One of the ways to draw the finches to the finches bird house is by providing the right seed. By doing this, the finches will feel more happy to nest in the finches bird house. Thistle seed are specially designed tube shaped feeders which are colored vibrantly in order to attract finches. The holes that are made on the beneath of the perches in the finches bird house is useful for the finches to hang upside down to get the seed. Bird feeders can attract the birds more by providing favorite seed producing flowers like phlox, sedum, coneflower, lavender, zinnia and heather.

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