Finches As Pets

Things need to know before having Finches as pets

Finches are the type of seed eating birds that largely found in northern hemisphere and to certain extent in South America and in Africa. The size of the bird ranges from small to reasonably large. They are strong beaked bird usually conical in shape, but in some species of finches their beaks are evenly very large.

Feeding and Caring one need to know when having finches as pets

Gouldian FinchesThe feeding and caring the finches as pets are easy. Mostly these birds eat very little fresh seeds and water daily. Those finch seeds are available in almost all the pet stores. One of the best things with the finches as pets is that they are smaller eaters and they never overeat. The spray millet and sprouted seed are one of the important additions to the dry seeds. Finches also like to rummage and eat insects and grubs so if you can provide them they are enthusiastically accepted. If your finches receive less sunlight it is good to feed with the cod-liver oil to get little extra vitamin-D. It is also good once in a while to offer little vegetable or leaf food such as carrot tops, watercress and spinach, etc., occasionally it is good to provide when you have finches as pets with some fruits.
Finches have liking to bath and it is vital during the breeding or moulting. When you have finches as pets are necessary for you take care that they play with water and as well as that they are drinking it.

Housing things that one need to know when having finches as pets

Since Finches have a habit to keep fit by flying. When one want to have finches as pets, it is necessary that their cage should be of the size at least 12 inches long and 18 inches height. Apart from that the cage should be placed over a stand or hung from the wall in such a way that it stands six feet above the floor level and also the spot should have a good light, but the spot should not be directly exposed to sunlight. The placing of the bird protector disk over the side of the cage will help prevent mites and also ensure that to place a paper at the bottom of the cage to absorb the birds mess.

Maintenance things that one need to know when having finches as pets

The maintaining the finches as pets are quick and simple. The main and only thing that one to ensure is that you provide a clean environment so that they are not affected by disease. The other thing that need to ensure that food and clean water daily and change the paper every 2-3 days once and wash-down the cage comprising roosts weekly.

Potential Problems one may face when having finches as pets

Finches are strong birds; most of the illness is due to the improper diet, unclean cages, and drinks. Some of the illness signs that one need to know when one has flinches as pets. Flinches inactive with the eyes locked, uneven breathing, and lack of hungriness and keep the head tucked under their wing and acting weak or run-down.
The most often remedy is heat. Separate the bird into the hospital cage and remove the perches from and put the water and food bowls on the floor and a light or heating pad to keep the interior of the cage to a constant temperature of about 85 degrees. If you don’t see any improvement within few hours it is good to take the bird to the veterinarian for further treatment.

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