Things to know when one keeping society finches as pets

Society finches as pets

In general, society finch is a type of bird that can get along well with humans and also adapt to new environments easily.  It has a scientific name called the ‘Lonchura Striata Domestica’. Society finch is known as ‘society finch’ only in the United States and the reason why it is called that way is because they always stick close with each other in a flock. They can be humans’ best friends and great entertainers; therefore, many people tend to keep society finches as pets nowadays. Keeping them as pets is not very hard but also not easy because it requires certain knowledge and techniques in order to do so. What should you know about keeping a society finch as pet?

Feeding Pattern one need to remember when keeping society finches as pets

People usually think that keeping society finches as pets is a hard thing because they do not know what to feed them. Basically, feeding them is not that hard because food they eat can be easily found. However, they need varieties in their diet. They love food with several ingredients just like any other animals. You can feed them with food that contains minerals and vitamins like greens.

You can choose either spinach or parsley because society finches enjoy them a lot! In order to spice up the menu a little, you can add a small amount of fruits like apples or bananas; but bear in mind that not all society finches love the same type of food. If you are a first timer, then you can maybe try feeding your finch with different types of food and you will soon find out which type your finch prefers. Another important thing is to provide them sufficient amount of water to drink. You should change the drinker more frequently because finches will be happier to drink clean and fresh water.

Housing style one need to remember when keeping society finches as pets

Well, if you are wondering the best place for your society finch to stay in, the answer would be cages. Try to choose a larger cage so that your finch will have more freedom to move around. Imagine yourself being trapped in a small cage that you can hardly move. They feel the same too! Therefore, buy your society finch a bigger cage so that they will be happier. You can choose wide cages instead of tall ones.

Besides, install a swing inside the cage to entertain your finch. Society finches enjoy playing on swings instead of other toys. Where to keep the cage? Basically, you can consider putting your cage outdoors because finches love sunlight and light is important to them. Never put the cage in noisy areas or polluted areas because that makes your finch feels uncomfortable. During the night, cover the cage with blanket or a piece of cloth because weird sounds will freak them out! The most important thing is to always clean the cage. Just like us, finches want to live in a clean environment too!

Key point one need to remember when keeping society finches as pet

In short, keeping society finches as pets is not impossible but you need to be responsible when it comes to taking good care of them. They are wonderful little birds that can entertain you and therefore, you have to learn to love them as how they love you as their master.

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