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Choosing the Bird Cage for Finches

Bird Cage for Finches

Keeping finches as pet is quite attractive and fun to many people. This is because Finch birds have chirping sound that is unique and pleasant to one ear. It is easy to care for this type of bird. However, do not forget to pay attention to cleanliness of the bird cage for finches if you want the finches to be happy and healthy.
When keeping finches choose a large bird cage that will fit your pet bird. In this case not only in regards to body size of the birds, but also the characteristics of the birds. Finches maybe small, but it need a huge space to fly around and this will make it happy.
Choose bird cage for finches that come with the right material. For finches, you can put them in cages made of bamboo rods. But if the numbers of the finches are more than two, it would be better if you choose a bird cage made of metal base. Finches are very active and social birds and it would fly around playfully. Therefore it is important to ensure that the bar of the cage have the right size between them. This will avoid the finches head would not get through the bar.
If you decided to use bird cage for finches that are of bamboo or wood, make sure the bamboos or woods have been smoothed with sandpaper, so that the trunks of these bars do not hurt the birds. The same safety should be taken with a bird cage that is made of metal, check if there are no protruding wire ends that can injure the birds. To determine good bamboo cage is by ensuring the bamboo used come from old bamboo, so the quality and strength of the bars is pretty good. Make sure the bird cage you bought with trellis rod is not too tight or too loose. If too loose, the finches may easily escape and it should not ne too tight because it will make the finches unable to see the outside world freely.
Choose bird cage for finches with a color that matches your pet and home decor. You should never choose a cage with a color similar to the small birds because having the same color; your pet bird will be less visible from the outside. It certainly reduces the beauty of your pet bird.
For the base of the bird cage for finches select a size somewhat thicker which could be of wood or thick plastic. The cage should also have several perch rod. Having several perch rod will make your finches happy because they are active in interaction among themselves. If you have the fund, it is better to buy for your finch flight cages which will give them the freedom to move around and flying. This will make them happy and you also would get the chance to see the finches in action better. This type of cages will help to avoid the feeling of boredom among the finches. Remember always give priority to the finches’ safety, happiness and healthy health when choosing the bird cage for finches.

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